Sharon L. Gilbert, PhD, is an internationally-known educator and ardent home chef and culinary travel writer, living in southern Florida with her husband, Glenn Gilbert, a noted sociolinguist.  Who’s Who in American Education highlights her research in curriculum theory and gifted education. She hails originally from Ohio but lately prefers a warmer climate, beach strolls, and ocean views.  She pursues her passionate interests, the culinary arts and travel, within a healthy and ecologically aware life style.  Active in raising funds for Multiple Sclerosis research, she has hosted very popular benefits featuring small plates and endless fondues, among other themed culinary events.  She is currently working on Too Hot to Cook and Don’t Throw That Out! 
3 FAQs
Q:  When did you start cooking? 
A: At about age 5, I made s'mores on my Great Aunt's new electric stove top.  It was my first burned finger, but not my last.

Q:  What was your biggest kitchen disaster?
A: Hmm.  There have been several burned pots, smoke alarms going off, and spatulas eaten by the food processor.  But, the one that remains my most humiliating kitchen memory was in my early life when I tried to get my own drink of water from the household water bucket on the counter and ended up with the bucket over my head and the water on the floor.  Spilling a bucket of water doesn't seem like such a disaster, unless you figure that we had to travel about 1/2 mile to the town well to get another bucket of drinking water.

Q: How often do you cook a full meal for your family?
A: I cook three meals a day now, but when I was working a full time job and away from home during the day, I cooked only breakfasts and dinners, except on weekends when I cooked all three meals.  For nearly 20 years I taught a class from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm, so my hubby would appear at my office door at about 6:00 pm with a tall coffee and a take-out for two.

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