Meals In Motion

This is a new book on Kindle with a new orientation to cooking your favorite foods  at home or while you are traveling
  • Easy to read format for all mobile devices, computers, and Kindle
  • Over 200 recipes anyone can prepare in a hotel or motel room, a dorm, or an RV - full kitchens not needed 
  • New ways to use a panini grill, fondue pot, slow cooker, and immersion blender to produce simple to gourmet meals
  • Nutritional analysis of recipes
  • Menus for complete meals
  • Explicit instructions for the amateur or experienced chef
  • Kid-tested recipes for the Junior Chef

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Cooking while you travel is not for everyone,

unless you want to eat better and save money.

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Good Reads

Bittman Takes on America's Chefs (2005) Bittman

Home cooks will enjoy this entertaining book by Mark Bittman about his competitions with famous chefs. 

Food Matters(2009)Bittman

Unleash your eco-conscience with Bittman's guide to conscious eating.  Food Matters (2009) by Mark Bittman is available on Kindle or
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